With Figura, you can bring your vision to life

Everything we do at Figura is bespoke and starts with a conversation, a pencil and a piece of paper.

It’s an approach we’ve followed for over 30 years, because we believe lasting, functional and beautiful design is only possible with a true understanding of the purpose for which it is created. 

And that purpose is decided by our clients.

So, when you come to Figura, whether your plan is to transform one room, renovate your whole home or simply commission a single piece of handmade furniture, we will start with you and the vision you wish to realise. 

We’ll consider your lifestyle and your property; we’ll discuss functionality and aesthetics. We’ll talk about your preferences for design, be they traditional, contemporary or all your own.

And then, using pencil and paper and all the experience we’ve gained helping clients turn period properties into the beautiful homes they’ve always wanted, we will start to bring your vision to life before your eyes.