La Cornue G4 Vaulted Oven

The New G4 vaulted oven, featured in the La Cornue Château range of cookers, use every mode for cooking: radiation, convection and conduction. No other gas oven can offer as many cooking methods, from simmering at low temperature to grilling food under an electric grill with combinable zones.

The patented innovation includes a very powerful circular gas burner beneath an iron disk glazed with amorphous graphite to guard and diffuse a regular distribution of heat. The vaulted roof allows air to circulate naturally and evenly, guaranteeing moist food and unrivalled flavour. The practical effect is that dishes require less cooking time to deliver fantastic results.

The electric oven also boasts four cooking modes, from forced convection, grill, oven floor and floor-vault combination.

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Exclusive G4 Technology

The result of four years of research and development, the RCC (Radiation, Convection, and Conduction) disc now provides all our gas stoves with even more consistent and flavourful cooking.

Its combination of a circular burner and an enamelled cast iron disc creates one oven with three possible cooking modes: radiation (heat is reflected on the internal walls), convection (homogeneous circulation of air around the dish) and conduction (direct simmering on the disc). This last mode of cooking—mivoûtage—is original and unique to La Cornue, and gives dishes an exceptional flavour and tenderness.

The new G4 electric oven has seen many innovations as well, now offering you the chance to choose between several cooking modes for all your pastry needs.

With faster temperature response and improved cooking performance, you can open the door to new culinary options.