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Figura and La Cornue

Figura is proud to be the UK agent for La Cornue.

The quintessentially French family firm of La Cornue has been designing and making luxury range cookers for more than a century. Featuring unique vaulted ovens and timeless design, La Cornue Range Cookers combine traditional style with the latest technology to ensure outstanding cooking results.

Every La Cornue is built to order by hand using materials chosen for their quality and longevity. As the agent for La Cornue in the UK we can help you select the perfect range cooker, including specifications, fuel source, colour and trim. Naturally, we can also organise delivery and installation, too.

We are equally happy to work directly with clients or with clients’ interior designers, architects or developers and we are able to source and procure for projects worldwide.

La Cornue and Figura share a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to beauty in every detail. 

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Working with Interior Designers, Architects and Developers

Figura offers trade relationships with Interior Designers, Architects and Developers where you are sourcing appliances for clients. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.

As a design and project management company we understand the importance of choosing the right finishes and the logistics of responding to client timescales. We have been working with La Cornue for more than a decade, successfully introducing clients to their exquisite range of culinary appliances and la vie française.

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