What Inspires You?


Inspiration is everywhere — from the words of your favourite writer to the way the light shines through the trees on your morning walk. You just need to open your eyes, and breathe it in.

La Cornue Chateau G4   Photography: Emma Lewis

La Cornue Chateau G4

Photography: Emma Lewis

Inspiration is the springboard for creativity…

You never know when inspiration will leap out and strike you.  Although as kitchen designers we might feel inspired while working, it is more likely that we find ourselves inspired when away from the drawing board.

During time away from the design studio, our minds are free to process our experiences and to come up with new ideas.  As a result, we often feel inspired by spending time outdoors, appreciating architecture or visiting new countries.


It should come as no surprise that the best ideas, the most creative concepts and the most positive results come from designers who are inspired to give their all to whatever project is before them. Inspiration give us the energy to keep coming up with new designs…and when we are inspired to design great bespoke kitchens, great bespoke kitchens always happen!

Inspiration fosters creativity

For design inspiration to flourish we need to fuel our creative fires, anyone who has experienced creative block knows how frustrating it can be. It is really important as designers, to surround ourselves with artistic inspiration and see the potential in our surroundings. We view things differently, open our minds to sounds, absorb textures, colours and sensations, and in doing so, continuously feed our imagination.

Inspiration gives us the energy to create new designs and to work hard to ensure they fulfil our clients’ visions.  It is when we are inspired that we produce our best work.

Inspiration assists us with brainstorming, mapping out new ideas and bringing these new ideas to life.  It helps us design remarkable and outstanding kitchens and furniture, and breathe new life to rooms and spaces.


As designers, inspiration assists us with keeping our creativity alive and visionary.  When we are innovative, we are able to produce ideas that have never been seen before.  It is our creativity which produces ideas which are ‘fresh’, ‘new’, out of the box or even genius!

We are proud to say that is what our clients think too:

“Right from the start Figura were on fire with ideas and it was really clear that the difference between them and everyone else was that they had great vision and could see potential where others could not”

“No-one came close to the designs Figura came up with and the project was managed very successfully”


In order to find inspiration, we simply need to open our eyes to the world around us.

Sometimes an everyday object or event can offer up a sense of wonder, when we open our eyes and truly see it for the first time.  Many historical artists were able to depict the beauty in everyday objects such as apples on a kitchen table.

Inspiration often has an emotional impact on us and leaves us touched by wonder and our minds feel inspired to create and design.

Inspiration touches each of us in different ways.  One person may be inspired by a bowl of fruit while another is inspired by waves on a beach, autumn trees, or the sky at night time.  Drawing upon our creative inspirations assists us in designing one off, truly bespoke kitchens for clients.

Thailand rice fields

Some projects we undertake allow the time to contemplate, others are deadline dependant, so it is important to be able to draw on a ‘library’ of creativity and inspiration when called for.  After 30 years of designing furniture, we know what inspires us, we know where to look for inspiration and we know what works.

No two Figura bespoke kitchens are alike and with no off the shelf products or ranges, we are confident that each and every one of our designs is influenced by our rich experience and inspirational catalogue.

Inspiration awakens us to new possibilities by allowing us to transcend our ordinary experiences and limitations. Inspiration is what propels our bespoke kitchen designs, it extends the possibilities and brings our client’s vison to life.

Candian Glacier

Photography by Giles Slater

Rachel Dance