Merry Christmas!

With our Swedish heritage at Figura, a Tomte at Christmas is a prominent figure.  The tomte is an essential part of Scandinavian folklore. They are solitary, mischievous domestic sprites responsible for the protection and welfare of the farmstead and its buildings.  

Pictured here in this Figura Farmhouse kitchen project…let’s hope he is behaving himself!

 A tomte usually resides in the pantry or barn and watches over the household and farm. A tomte has an enormous capacity for work but will not tolerate anyone’s interference. It is believed that a clean and orderly home is an indication that this domestic sprite resides there.

Figura bespoke pantry design. It’s neat and tidy….a good indication that a Tomte resides here!

Figura bespoke pantry design. It’s neat and tidy….a good indication that a Tomte resides here!

Tomtar require very little of the humans they work for. They demand only the respect and trust of the owner and a bowl of julegrøt (Christmas porridge) with butter on Christmas Eve.

Legends of the domestic tomte meet the modern day version of the jultomte in the tradition of leaving a bowl of julegrøt with butter out in the barn or in the house for them on Christmas Eve.

This tradition is still practiced in Scandinavian homes.

A Farmhouse Table for Christmas porridge! 

No wonder the Tomte has come to reside at this Figura project in Hampshire. There is a large farmhouse table, where they can eat their Christmas porridge, with magnificent historic oak beams overhead.

There is plenty to keep need and tidy too, a hidden spice rack in the range canopy, vegetable storage in the larder and bespoke shelving for some very special wine glasses. There’s even a whittled wooden peg for the pizza spade, which can be kept shiny!

A new cook’s island adjoins the seven-seater table, instantly creating the perfect setting for dining, cooking and entertaining. A stunning forged iron backsplash, that Figura design as created, complements the traditional Aga, while smooth metal handles invite you to open drawers and cupboards.

And then there’s the lighting. Figura designed and created the forged iron ceiling light and then working with our lighting designer, worked wonders creating subtle task, accent and overall lighting with bespoke fittings that look completely at home. 

Tumbled limestone flooring runs through to the boot room where there’s ample storage for shoes, boots, jackets and all the outdoor clobber families seem to accumulate. As a little extra, we created a simple but beautiful stool for putting your wellies on.

Figura Farmhouse Kitchen

Figura Farmhouse Kitchen

Rachel Dance