What makes larder design so cool...

We've become overly reliant on fridges, and sure, certain things – meat, milk, fish and soft cheese – are better in there, but good hard cheese and Stilton can keep in a cool larder. The same goes for eggs, potatoes, onions, bread and certain fruit (bananas and pineapple). Herbs and spices, definitely – it's a mistake to display herbs out of the cupboard in glass as light can diminish the flavour.

There are lots of things we keep in the fridge that would be better stored elsewhere. What would you squirrel away?

The larder is one of our most favourite things to design. Each one varys so greatly….it’s a truly personal exploration.

A Little Bit of History:

In medieval halls the larder was where meat (‘lard’) fish, and other foodstuffs prone to rapid spoilage were stored. Looked after by the larderer, it was closely connected to the saucery, the scullery and the pantry. The pantry (from the French word ‘pain’) was where the bread was kept.

By the Victorian era, whilst large houses maintained the use of separate rooms for food preparation and storage elsewhere the larder and pantry simply became large wooden cupboards, each with its exclusive purpose.

Today the larder or pantry is a definite ‘must have’ for our clients.

A few words to help you understand how we design larders…

Walk In Larders

Here, dimensions are critical. We design the room to be as square as possible with wrap -around marble shelving and a central standing space. Everything should be in sight and in reach. All the surfaces including walls and the floor contribute to the cool temperature and, where possible, we locate them on a north facing corner of the house.

Larder Cupboard

Larder cupboards are very popular. We design larders with generous bi-fold doors which  open up completely revealing a wonderful wide workstation with access to everything you need in one place from food to ‘ready to go’ small appliances. Larders should be beautiful, full of colour and life inside, whilst majestic and elegant when the doors are closed. 


Much more than a large cupboard…

Larders are individually designed for each client with a function in mind. It is so much more than just a large cupboard.

We design it to be uncluttered, simple and organised. Drawers can store linen, crockery and silverware, shelves are a home to ingredients and accessories.

But think bigger…the larder can create another workspace dedicated to pastry or bread making, it can be where you chop, mix, roll, blend, juice, brew coffee or shake cocktails. We have even designed them specifically to provide a children’s cooking zone and a patisier’s emporium.

Figura LARDERS.jpg

In our Larder

We have a secret stash of Huntley & Palmers Chocolate Bath Olivers…….

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