Bespoke Period Kitchen

Bespoke Period Kitchen

A home that appeals to all the senses

Inspired by this client's passion for sights, smells and love of 18th Century Belgian interiors, this incredible London home has astonishing attention to detail, incredible flair and an overwhelming commitment to long-held design concept. 

The client wanted to create something completely different, but with a really homely feel.  She was influenced by many trips to Belgium, but the house also has influences from France and touches of Italy, it is very classical.   The client told us that a house has to appeal to all the senses. Lighting, sounds and smells are also critical”.  A lot of candle light and chandeliers are used to create this sensual atmosphere.

In the creation of this exceptional living space we worked with the client to a very specific design brief. There is something magical, theatrical, mysterious and incredibly opulent about entering this Victorian London home and being transported to an 18th Century masterpiece.

We were really excited to work closely with the client to design two separate kitchens with different purposes.  The front main kitchen is for entertaining friends and family, it presents a warm and welcoming atmosphere which is perfect for relaxing in the evening with wine, cheese and delicious scented candles.

The main kitchen design included a bespoke La Cornue Château range cooker, sourcing a magnificent Louis XIV mantel from France, creating a beautiful writing desk with aged oak surface, a curved full high cupboard with TV storage and a fabulous island centrepiece with beautiful turned pilaster legs, open cutlery storage and marble surface.

The rear kitchen is the work zone with dishwasher, bi-fold pantry and full height fridge and freezer.