Country Farmhouse

Country Farmhouse

A truly bespoke farmhouse kitchen in every respect.

This wonderful space encourages anyone who enters to soak up the textures, colours and light.  There is the tumbled limestone flooring throughout, the forged iron backsplash and ceiling light and hand-painted and English oak cabinetry.  The way the new kitchen blends with and compliments the historic oak beams is a joy.

There are clever design features which highlight the functionality of the space and the deep understanding of the client’s needs….the hidden spice rack in the range canopy, vegetable storage in the larder, fantastic tall wine glass storage and even a special whittled wooden peg for the pizza spade.

The client’s favourite farmhouse table was retained as a centre piece and brought to life with a cook’s island added to the end, with comfortable seating still for seven.

The contrasting handles add to the interest and there are a selection of bi-fold cupboards, drawers and curved shelving, providing storage for simply everything.

Our bespoke lighting designer also did a fantastic job providing subtle task, accent and overall lighting, there is a setting for all dining, cooking and entertaining occasions.

The boot room has a very simple but beautiful stool for putting your shoes and wellies on and storage for shoes and jackets for all countryside activities.