Figura clients are always offered  freshly brewed coffee when they come along for a design meeting.  The coffee pot is usually bubbling away, ahead of time, filling the showroom with wonderful aromas.

With this in mind and with a focus on quality and craftsmanship we went on the hunt for local coffee roasters. The number and variety of local artisan roasters is astonishing.  A testament to the fact that in the past 5 years, UK coffee drinkers have becoming more discerning regarding their tastes for more complex and interesting flavours and  concerned with the traceability and provenance of the beans.

Redber started roasting coffee in Guildford in 2013. It was just Petra and Graham back then, who started in a reclaimed shed in Merrow, with a little white 2kg coffee roaster. For Graham and Petra, some of their most satisfying experiences, anywhere in the world, came from just relaxing enjoying a cup of coffee. A roasting course while camping in Inverness followed, and their decision was made.

 Redber: just some of their coffee bean varieties

Redber: just some of their coffee bean varieties

What Redbar want to provide is variety, quality, choice and freshness. Graham always loved the idea of a sweet shop of coffees with something for everything. There are amazing light, fruity, bright African coffees, and there are some truly delicious heavy, syrupy musky spicy beans that can only come from Asia. What one person may love might not be another person’s cup of coffee. The great thing about coffee is the spectacular number of tastes to be found, and the vast differences that can come from just a few more seconds in the roaster.

While enthusiasts and coffee connoisseurs will find everything to tickle their palates at Redber, including a great range of coffee machines, accessories and even chocolates, people just starting to explore the rich complexities and beguiling properties of origin coffee should know they’re in good hands.

"We wanted to be for the average household who just wants a great cup of coffee, to help them step away from instant" Petra and Graham of Redber Coffee

Cast Iron Coffee Roasters hand roast their coffee beans to order at their workshop in Pulborough, West Sussex. The company was started with a vision of a family business focused squarely on producing the best quality speciality coffee possible.  

Delicious coffee starts at the source of the plant and is picked, washed and transported with care.  Knowing the origin of our coffee and that it is responsibly sourced is of vital importance to us, it often costs more this way but this ultimately means a sustainable source of production AND better tasting coffee.

Coffee is a seasonal product so we supply coffee from farmers all around the globe. The aim of Cast Iron Coffee roasters is to provide a constantly changing supply of dynamic single origin coffees along with a complementary range of espresso blends. 

Moonroast are an Artisan roastery based in the Candover Valley, near Arlesford in Hampshire. A family business with coffee and tea experience stretching back 3 generations, offering fresh hand roasted coffee to homes and businesses. They are keen for all to discover and appreciate fine coffee and to share how, small batch, slow roasted coffee, fresh out of our roaster, just makes all the difference!

Francis and Judy are the 4th generation of Bradshaw’s passionate about coffee and tea. The aim is to offer a select and exceptional range of coffees with the assistance of our Probat roasters and the knowledge and experience of Haydon Bradshaw whom has been involved in the coffee industry all his working life. Writer, broadcaster and one of Britain’s top coffee tasters, he is a highly respected advisor to the coffee trade and food industry. 

To enable them to launch the business initially some of their roasting took place at night ‘by the light of the moon’ hence Moonroast!

Surrey Hills Coffee is a small roastery at the foot of Leith Hill and belongs to a Swedish couple, Christer (Chris) and Monika who have been living in the UK since 2010. At the same time as they run the roastery, they also run a Swedish coffee business, “Kaffemaskinen” If you have good skills in the Swedish language you can check out the website here. That business is actually the foundation for the roastery since they export a lot of the coffee they roast here to it.

"Having worked with coffee for 11 years we thought it was time to start roasting…"
 Surrey Hills Coffee

Surrey Hills Coffee

Surrey Hills Coffee have a roastery shop open at the weekends, deliver coffee direct to your door and are able to offer everything from roasting evenings to daytime coffee tasting. They can all provide the coffee, equipment and training to help you set up your coffee shop!

If you have been lucky enough to taste coffee that is absolutely delicious over something that’s just plain and flat – your going to want that delicious taste all the time – back in 2008 delicious coffee could not easily be found - so Coffee Real, based in Horsham, West Sussex thought they would try and change that.

Coffee Real say they learnt pretty early on that you can’t sit back in the UK and expect that special kind of quality to arrive at your door.  If your serious about coffee you have to put in the time and effort, hunt out the right farmers and really understand the coffee they produce.  The only way you can do that is to go to the origin and build mutually beneficial relationships with the family’s that grow the stuff.

It doesn’t end there though as they are constantly challenging themselves to perfect the taste that best reflects an origin. Each coffee has its own unique character and therefore to perfect taste each coffee has to be roasted differently with this in mind.

It’s not a 5 minute job – then again there’s no short cut to quality.

Beanberry Coffee Company, based in Woking, Surrey are the UK's first speciality coffee roasters focused on organics.

To them, coffee roasting is a form of art. They source and roast some of the finest speciality grade organic Arabica green coffees.  In every coffee that they source, they seek to uncover and underline its unique character and taste.  The green beans are taken through a process in a traditional small batch drum roaster where in the hands of the roast master they evolve from green to roasted with all the craftsmanship, science and art required to get the aromas, the flavours and the structure of the coffee joining together in the cooling tray some fifteen minutes or so into the roast.

Beanberry are great fans of organic coffee.  Non-organic coffee is one of the most chemically treated agricultural commodities.  When grown organically, coffee is nurtured without the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides -- this, they believe, provides great health benefits to the consumer and grower alike.  Coffee's natural habitat is at high elevations, usually in the shade of the trees with the growth and the health of the coffee plants achieved in complete harmony with nature where higher growing trees provide perfect shelter for migrating birds and natural defence against erosion of fertile soil.  This is the only way organic coffee will grow and growing coffee organically is not just environmentally sustainable, but it is also economically viable for smallholder growers and their communities.     

Horsham Coffee Roaster is a family business based near Horsham in West Sussex. They are dedicated to supplying premium, ethically traded, freshly roasted coffee.

Horsham Coffee Roaster source a significant amount of coffee through direct trade relationships in Rwanda and Nicaragua. The rest they source through close links with speciality coffee importers who share the same values and ethics that they strive to uphold. They believe a direct, quality based link ensures the growers receive a premium price for their hard work and dedication to speciality coffee. 

They sell whole bean coffee online and encourage our customers to invest in a good quality grinder to enable them to get the best from the coffee.