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Fantastic Little February!

The Welsh call February "y mis bach" which means "little month". Despite having fewer days there is still plenty going on, whether flipping pancakes is your thing or a bit of romance.  

Here's a few things that have got us 'leaping' this February. 

Happy New January!

The beginning of the new year and the time to make your new year resolutions.

Let's see what there is for us to look forward to as we head into 2017.

We Love November!

According to data from Twitter, the Spanish are more likely to tweet “Te amo” (I love you) in November than in any other month, so we thought it would be fun to explore what there is to love about November...

Focus on Scandinavian Design

With our Swedish heritage, a return to Sweden last week for a family holiday reignited our passion for the simplicity of Scandinavian design. When considering Swedish design, whether it be textiles, furniture, household objects or glassware – you’ll find the same practical, aesthetic, natural and increasingly sustainable approach to design. In Sweden, design is synonymous with ‘lifestyle’.

Froyle Tiles

Froyle Tiles is a specialist tile shop based in the picturesque village of Hambledon, Surrey. Located just a couple of miles away from our Figura Showroom in Chiddingfold, we often suggest that clients pay them a visit to find something very special and unique for their kitchen or bathroom project.

Top 5 luxury outdoor fabrics

With the sun out, the summer appears to have finally arrived and many of us are heading to our gardens.  The emergence in recent years of fabrics specifically designed for outdoors gives us the opportunity to be playful with our outside spaces and the possibility to be more bold and bright than you would dare to be with the interior of your home.

Cow Spotting

The Worlds largest art event is current unfolding in Surrey. Dozens of brightly-coloured cows are starting to decorate the hills, farms, towns, schools and popular landmarks across the county, building up to the main exhibition in July and August.  The aim is to share the beauty of the Surrey Hills and provide a massive boost to local businesses and community projects.

Dressing Room...Even the pets are at home!

This country home enjoys enviable location nestled in rolling Surrey countryside. It is a fascinating 16th century home with a plethora of original features including exposed beams accompanied by wooden and quarry tile flooring.  The dressing room enjoys a stunning outlook down the garden to the lake at the foot of the grounds. 

Meet the Maker: Jo Downs

Jo Downs has been designing for over 20 years and has become the UKs most recognised fused glass artists. Her coastally inspired work is synonymous with the county of Cornwall where she lives and works.  With the recent opening of her new gallery in the village of Ripley, Surrey, she is beginning to bring the inspirational beauty of Cornwall to a national audience.

Germinating ideas!

There is something incredibly rewarding about watching things grow.  The whole process starts with 'will it...won't it' germinate.  For those lucky enough to,  the new beginnings start by poking their head through the compost, unfurling and stretching into the wide open space, breathing in the fresh air.  The germination of seeds is an excellent metaphor for the principles of Figura design. 

Artists Studios

Here at Figura we are very lucky that clients understand that we are design company first and foremost. There is always quite a buzz surrounding the first design presentations we hold with clients. A definite sense of anticipation fills the air and a feeling of ‘prepare to be excited’!

Introducing: AllÓRA

Figura is delighted to have recently discovered AllÓRA.  We hope you will be as excited as we are about the collection of very special Italian handmade creations that they have hand selected from the finest artisans in Italy.

Meet the Maker: Rowena Mason

The Campaign for Wool celebrates the beauty, practicality and endless versatility of real wool within interiors. ONEWOOL is their campaign for wool promotion. Rowena Mason is featured in their gallery as one of the very best items in the wool interiors industry today along with many other of our favourite designers at the Chelsea Design Centre.

Conversations in Design: Kitchen Islands

My love of cooking and entertaining with family and friends is central to how I design for the kitchen. Our clients are overwhelmingly in favour of large informal spaces in which they will spend a great deal of time. Communication has become an important factor in the process of design and none more so than when designing an island.  It’s worth considering some of the advantages of a kitchen island.

Copper....Figura is setting it's own trend!

We keep our eye on trends at Figura, it is important to know what is influencing our clients and current styles, but our timeless and inspiring designs are primarily based on creativity and functionality and most of all in being able to visualise the look and feel of the whole living space.  Which is why we have been incorporating copper in interesting ways within our projects for many years....some may say...setting our own trend!

Figura, the Victorians and Good Design

It may seem strange to seek comparisons between rural railways bridges and luxury hand-crafted furniture, but whilst standing beneath the bridge, I was struck by the commonality between the successful design principles employed by the Victorians and those deeply rooted in Figura.

Introducing: Paige Cartledge

In the last few weeks we have been looking for young designers who we have something very special to offer.

In the first of our blogs on young designers we are pleased to introduce Paige Cartledge.

Meet the Maker: Lewis & Wood

One of the companies I have been most thrilled to discover recently is Lewis & Wood.  My visit to London Design Week last week gave me a wonderful opportunity to meet the brilliant and charming Stephen Lewis and rest my weary feet surrounded by their beautiful and uplifting collection.