The Psychology of Orange

The Psychology of Orange


It is a well known fact and the source of much humour at Figura HQ that I love the colour orange.  It is a colour that radiates warmth and happiness, combining the physical energy and stimulation of red with the cheerfulness of yellow.

Whether it is orange shoes, clothes, handbags, wall paint, cushions, fabric and home accessories...the fact is, we could all do with a splash of orange in our lives.  

Convinced?  Here's some inspiration to get you thinking 'Orange!'

 La Cornue  Château 150 - Terracotta with brushed brass and brushed stainless steel trim. 

La Cornue Château 150 - Terracotta with brushed brass and brushed stainless steel trim. 

A quick look at the psychology of orange shows us that it would be a welcome addition to any home yet to embrace this vibrant colour.  It would seem that people who are drawn towards the colour orange have a sense of adventure and good social communication.  These are great attributes for thinking about kitchen and interior design.

Cotton & Pink promise to deliver well made, stylish products that from design to finish are 100% British and made to last. Everything is 100% natural cotton and from design to finish, everything is done in the UK.  It is all about quality, not quantity, so they have begun with a Seafood range and will grow from here (there are plenty of ideas in the pipeline!). 

 Cotton and Pink: Lobster Tea Towel

Cotton and Pink: Lobster Tea Towel

Orange relates to 'gut reaction' or our gut instincts, as opposed to the physical reaction of red or the mental reaction of yellow.

Figura: Bespoke Table Design. The perspex disk allows the table to extend and a custom built slot in the pantry allows it to be stored when not needed.  The oak notches retract and you have an everyday table. Genius! 

The colour psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting, rejuvenating our spirit. In fact orange is so optimistic and uplifting that we should all find ways to use it in our everyday life, even if it is just an orange coloured pen that we use.

 Anthropologie: Latte Bowl

Anthropologie: Latte Bowl

Orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life and is a great colour to use during tough times, keeping us motivated and helping us to look on the bright side of life.

With its enthusiasm for life, the colour orange relates to adventure and risk-taking, inspiring physical confidence, competition and independence. Those inspired by orange are always on the go!

One mark of LSA international’s magnificent 50-year milestone was the launch of it ‘Utility’ range, it includes some 43 items, many of them multi-functional, for example, the base of the enamelware bread bin can be used as a cooking pot and it’s lid as a breadboard.

In relation to the meaning of colours, orange is extroverted and uninhibited, often encouraging exhibitionism or, at the very least, showing-off!

The colour orange relates to social communication, stimulating two way conversations. A warm and inviting color, it is both physically and mentally stimulating, so it gets people thinking and talking!

The orange Harris Tweed cocktail chair from Reloved Upholstery offers a contemporary take on a classic mid-century occasional chair.  This orange Harris Tweed 1950’s cocktail chair has tapered legs and a low rounded back. It would be both a comfortable and a very stylish addition to your home.  This original vintage chair has been restored and upholstered using traditional and modern methods at the Reloved workshop in Manchester. It has been finished with contrasting piping and two-button detailing to the back. Original legs fully restored and finished with Annie Sloan wax.

 Reloved and Upholstered: Orange Harris Tweed Vintage Cocktail Chair

Reloved and Upholstered: Orange Harris Tweed Vintage Cocktail Chair

At the same time, orange is also stimulating to the appetite. If you love having people around the kitchen table, orange will keep them talking and eating for a long time. Many restaurants use pastel versions of orange, such as apricot or peach or deeper versions such as terracotta, for their décor as they are more subtle than red, yet still increase the appetite and promote conversation and social interaction, which in turn encourages patrons to have a good time and to eat and drink more.

Now a global phenomenon, Annie Sloan first developed the Chalk Paint® range in 1990 to answer the need she had for a versatile paint that would work beautifully on furniture without priming or sanding; that would be easy to use and quick to dry; and that could be used for a number of different paint techniques. She called it Chalk Paint® because of its velvety, ultra matt finish. It is seen here in Barcelona Orange.

Orange aids in the assimilation of new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves. 

These stunning new additions to our showroom thanks to The Little Shed in Godalming are certainly a reason to introduce orange and some colour into your home entertaining. Now that is something to celebrate! 

Orange is probably the most rejected and under-used color of our time.

Let's change that and bring on the orange!