Germinating ideas!

Germinating ideas!


There is something incredibly rewarding about watching things grow.  The whole process starts with 'will it...won't it' germinate.  For those lucky enough to,  the new beginnings start by poking their head through the compost, unfurling and stretching into the wide open space, breathing in the fresh air.  

These seedlings flourish and flower, and with a little water and sunshine, provide enjoyment for all who see them. Beautiful to look at or indeed tasty and nourishing throughout the spring and summer months.

The germination of seeds is an excellent metaphor for the principles of a Figura design. Clients visit our showroom where the seed of quality and craftsmanship is sown.  We then visit our clients at home where ideas start to unfold, designs start to develop and relationships start to flourish.  

Figura: Food/drinks preparation area with all appliances cleverly secreted in workstop level side storage.

It is often at this stage that Figura comes up with an idea that has not been considered before, something totally new, like adding a vaulted ceiling to a bedroom, adding a hidden en-suite, introducing a gentle curve to shelving or incorporating a walk in larder.

Figura En suite bathroom, hidden behind wardrobe frontage.

“Figura were the only ones who came up with something exciting.  From the start they were on fire with ideas and it was really clear that the difference between Figura and everyone else was that they had great vision and could see potential where others clearly could not.

Figura: Walk in Larder

Once Figura is engaged with a client, ideas start to grow and the practical and functional considerations are defined, designed and addressed.

The designs are then beautifully crafted, completely individual, bespoke and hand-made by the most skilled craftsmen.  The furniture is installed into our clients homes by our expert fitters, resulting in living spaces for all to enjoy and use for many years to come.

Figura: Island incorporating curved chopping board

So you see....working with Figura to design beautiful and functional furniture for your's just like gardening, only a Figura design is an investment worth making for many seasons!