Case Study: Vaulted Bedroom with Hidden En Suite

Case Study: Vaulted Bedroom with Hidden En Suite


Having lived in their beautiful home in Cranleigh for seven years, Jenny and Stephen Lytton were ready to update and redesign their bedroom and bathroom. Following a letter from  Figura, Jenny invited Giles to take a look.

Jenny, why did you choose Giles and Figura?

Giles was the only one who came up with something exciting. From the start he was on fire with ideas and it was really clear that the difference between Giles and everyone else, was that he had great vision and could see potential where others clearly could not.

Can you give an example?

His idea to vault the ceiling was something we had never considered and it was an absolute master stroke.  Figura were also able to provide the complete package from designing to managing both the bedroom and the bathroom project. Giles was able to do the thinking and the organising for me which was exactly what I needed. 

What are your favourite design aspects of the bedroom and bathroom?

My favourite aspects of the project are the magnificent vaulted ceiling – believe it or not, it was just an ordinary flat ceiling before this. It’s now a spectacular feature. 

I also love how the bedroom and bathroom all link so seamlessly together – you think that it is all a beautiful run of wardrobes until you open one of the doors and walk in to our bathroom.

I have to add that one of my favourite things is the shoe carousel – I had never seen anything like it before and it looks amazing. And it is a great excuse to buy more shoes of course!

Giles, what were the highlights of this project for you?

This was a wonderful family and home to design for. Our aim with this project was to bring volume and light to the room. I quickly realised that we might be able to lift the roof space and design an unusual and beautiful vaulted feature with large oak trusses and beams creating a feeling of spaciousness, warmth and grandeur. 

Opening up the bedroom and dressing room areas (originally these were two separate rooms) further developed the feeling of opulence and space. I chose to design the furniture in washed tulip wood, which has a silvery blond quality in daylight, to further enhance the light and airy feel. 

Using some stone in the bedroom might seem unusual, but not only is it practical, it also provides a lovely contrast with the wood and other finishes in the room.

All of the images from this project can be viewed on the portfolio page of our website.