Case Study - Kitchen, Bedroom and Boot Room

Case Study - Kitchen, Bedroom and Boot Room


Thrilled with the work Figura had done in her mother's house, Claire Rothman along with her husband Max approached Figura to transform their kitchen, bedroom and family boot room.

Claire, tell me what appealed to you about Giles’ design for your bedroom?

We really wanted to take advantage of the views from our windows. The room is an awkward shape so Giles designed the bed to be an island. The bed is positioned perfectly to take in the views and the washed tulip wood reflects the light flooding in to the room and works
beautifully with the wall and carpet colours. 

Why does the kitchen work so well for you?

Well we love entertaining and my husband loves to cook. There is a lovely flow around the kitchen enabling whoever is cooking to be on one side of the island, and family and guests around the other side. It works really well for everyone, it’s involving yet no one is tripping
over each other.

What is your favourite part of the kitchen?

Oh that’s difficult! Firstly I love how tactile the room feels with lots of beautiful curves and the wood and stone. The giant chopping block is definitely a favourite, I thought I would never use it because it just looked so magnificent but actually it is so practical and of course we use it all the time. I love the pantry, I can open the door and reach everything from one spot and it keeps the rest of the kitchen uncluttered.

Giles also designed a boot room for you?

Yes, finally we have a room which is the perfect laundry come boot room. I realised the only way to achieve any order in this room was to have it designed properly. Finally a place for everything.

Giles, what were the highlights of this project for you?

This is a beautiful family house with outstanding views from nearly every room. I redesigned the old kitchen to create a large, light family kitchen that would flow perfectly in to the new orangery, overlooking the garden at one end and with a large walk in pantry at the other. The island is the stand out feature for me. At 3.5 metres long and with unusual curved steps between the surfaces, it defines the space. It is also practical, incorporating storage
and food preparation areas and it is a wonderful focus for gathering people.

Giles, what inspired you to design the bed as an island?

It is unusual to recommend an island in a bedroom and even more so when incorporating the bed. In this case it works well because it has a purpose – to make the most of the room and of
the views outside. I also chose to somewhat disguise the bed with the long chest of drawers, which is part of the bed head, to make more sense of the room when you walk in to it.

All the images from this project can be found in our portfolio on our website.

Would you recommend Figura to others?

Absolutely. All three of the spaces are beautiful yet practical and take advantage of the space inside and the views outside our home. We are delighted.