Copper....Figura is setting it's own trend!

Copper....Figura is setting it's own trend!


Right back to Roman times people have used copper and it's alloys within their homes.  In 2015 the metal's distinctive colouring, texture and adaptability meant it earned it's place as the latest design trend, being introduced to room décor in lighting, cutlery, furniture, fabrics, accessories and paint colours.

We keep our eye on trends at Figura, it is important to know what is influencing our clients and current styles, but our timeless and inspiring designs are primarily based on creativity and functionality and most of all in being able to visualise the look and feel of the whole living space.  Which is why we have been incorporating copper in interesting ways within our projects for many years....some may say...setting our own trend!

Bespoke handles designed by Figura

These beautiful handles were designed by Figura and really are the stand-out feature of this design.  They bring together the copper elements of the splashback and the La Cornue handrail giving the whole design a sense of identity, creativity and something really special and unique.  They are certainly a talking point for clients visiting our showroom in Chiddingfold, where you can pop in and see this design for yourself.

Bespoke Copper splashback

This beautiful bespoke copper splash back was designed by Figura to add interest, introduce subtle colour and texture to the design and work with the other copper elements of the scheme.  Weathered copper produces a varied and unique patina depending on the element composition of the metal.  

La Cornue: Château in brushed stainless steel and customised polished copper handrail

The La Cornue Château range cooker is the centre piece of this kitchen design, with a polished copper handrail work seamlessly with the design. Every Château range is an original, individually numbered by the La Cornue craftsman who created it at their workshop in Paris. Each Château is be manufactured as a single unit, exclusively to order, assembled by one craftsman. 

Bespoke copper drawer handles designed by Figura

These copper accessories bring this kitchen to life proving that good design is in the detail. The copper introduces subtle colour and textural variation.  Copper will particularly stand out when contrast with matt finishes like the brushed stainless steel La Cornue and the painted cabinetry.

Bespoke weathered copper splash back designed by Figura