Conversations in Design: DESIGN

Conversations in Design: DESIGN


By Giles Slater Creative Director of Figura

Conversations in Design is our regular snapshot on a specific design topic. If it strikes a chord and you feel inspired, I would love you to get in touch so we can discuss the project you have in mind.

“Giles, what does design mean to you?”

I’ve been designing kitchens and interiors for 27 years and I’m passionate about helping clients to optimise and enhance their living space.

I believe design should add lasting value and integrity to clients’ properties through thoughtful, clever design underpinned by function, beauty and timelessness.

I individually design each project to give my clients the very best in wonderful, hand crafted furniture. I create living spaces which are both functional and extraordinary.

Tips and techniques fortify any designer’s toolkit, but I believe that thinking critically about a design is the most important skill needed to create beautiful, functional rooms.

“How do you set about designing for clients?”

Critical Thinking

It is not unusual for me to create a number of designs for the same room allowing me to create possibilities for my clients.

I always recall my first impressions and my own gut reaction to the space, the home and the client I am designing for. My designs are based on those impressions. I am not influenced by fashions or fads as I design for the long term. A design must work within the whole context of the home, the client and their lifestyle.

Design By Hand

Small, quiet moments are when I have breakthroughs and solve problems. I only design by hand on large drawing boards allowing a design to percolate and grow in my mind.

For me, computer aided design is about planning not designing – it forces ideas in to spaces and limits possibilities.

Relish the details

I embrace detail but detail work isn’t easy. It takes time, inspiration, and imagination.

It’s all too common for designers to feel rushed or under a deadline. I focus on a few clients taking the extra time to achieve the touches that make my work really shine.

Design Responsibly

The home is a valuable asset. It is my responsibility to realise it’s potential for my clients and I design with this very much in mind. It is crucial to create a consistency between the rooms in the house. Consistency brings sophistication.

Complexity in simplicity

I believe a design should be useful, simple, and straightforward.

Clients are not impressed with complicated design and ‘over design’ is a way of hiding behind expensive and useless frills.

At the centre of all good design is the notion that it can stand the test of time. We ensure our clients love the rooms in their homes as much today as they will in twenty years time.

Figura Interior Design

I am thrilled that we are now extending the service we offer clients to include interior design. 

Figura has always been about inspired design and beautiful craftsmanship and over the last ten years we have increasingly been commissioned to design for other rooms and indeed entire houses bringing together our expertise in all aspects of interior design so that we can offer a complete interiors service to our discerning clients.