Figura recommends La Cornue cookers

Figura recommends La Cornue cookers

La Cornue is a kitchen legend. After more than 100 years, it is still a family-owned brand that remains an inspiration to generations of cooks. 

Founded in France in 1908 by Albert Dupuy, La Cornue is now run by his grandson, Xavier Dupuy. At the heart of the design is Albert’s original patented ‘vaulted oven’. Loved by chefs and serious cooks alike, it concentrates the natural circulation of hot air, retaining natural moisture to enhance both taste and texture.    

Every foodie’s dream, La Cornue range cookers are handmade to order in workshops just outside Paris. Every range cooker is a complete one off; sized, equipped and finished to commission. The construction is a meticulous, artisanal process using luxurious materials including brass, steel, cast iron and enamel. Hobs are personalised, chosen from options including solid brass burners, electric, vitro-ceramic or induction hobs, simmering plates and teppan-yaki, and ovens can be gas, electric or a combination of both. 

La Cornue offers four range cooker collections, the Château, the Cornuchef, the CornuFé and the 1908, providing made-to-measure craftsmanship at its best.

The Château

La Cornue’s Château range cooker is a design classic created by André Dupuy, the son of Le Cornue’s founder, in 1964. Available in a choice of eight models, the Château range represents the finest La Cornue has to offer. From the Grand Palais 180 with it’s infinite choice of configurations, and the popular Château 150 (shown above), which is used by a wide number of professional and amateur chefs throughout the world, to the more compact Grand Castel, available in a 90 or 75 model, for food lovers, gourmets and gastronomes with only limited space. The Château cooker is the quintessential heart of the home.

The CornuFé

For many people, a CornuFé will be their first La Cornue cooker, combining power, functionality and good looks with an accessible price. The range includes the CornuFé 110, 90, and the Albertine, all with a cooktop featuring a choice of five powerful gas burners or five induction plates. The CornuFé 110 (shown above) features two electric convection ovens, one of which offers seven different cooking modes. Solidly built to last a lifetime, it comes with a choice of three different metal trims and ten finishes including stainless steel.

The Cornuchef

Designed to better suit the needs of modern urban living, the Cornuchef range features the Grand Papa 180 and 135, and the Grand Maman 90 (shown above). At just 90cm wide the Grand Maman is suitable for smaller kitchens, but includes the hallmark La Cornue features including the famous vaulted oven (gas or electric) and a fully equipped cooktop with five 3.5kw burners (gas, electric or mixed). Available in 30 colours with brushed brass or polished chrome and stainless steel trim, custom colours are also available to special order.

The 1908

La Cornue’s 1908, launched in 2012, is a compact 90cm model that combines an accessible price with traditional La Cornue features including 5 powerful extra large gas burners, an optional hotplate and the famous ‘vaulted oven’. The robust stovetop is based around the same 74-litre vaulted oven with dual energy gas and electric grill, which is fitted in the most deluxe ranges. Its front is immediately recognisable by its solid oven door, which is identical to that on the Château ovens. Available in a choice of 11 different colours and three trims.