Bespoke furniture and interior design solutions, the Figura way…

Bespoke furniture and interior design solutions, the Figura way…


Design ethos

Figura’s passion is for crafting extraordinary yet practical living spaces. It is this, as well as helping clients invest in their homes for the long term, that remains at the core of everything we do. Figura is founded on design, creativity and inspiration alongside the best in master craftsmanship. We explore ideas, ensuring that we design and shape spaces that are warm, inviting and interesting. The greatest care is taken over the design and detail of our work so that it fits in with the overall aesthetic of each individual home.

Personal service

As a small close-knit team that is passionate about delivering excellence, we provide continuity to projects both large and small. We pride ourselves on a uniquely personal service with an unfailing sense of responsibility to every aspect of every assignment. At the centre of all good interior design is the notion that it can stand the test of time and we want to ensure our clients love the rooms we create in their homes as much in twenty years’ time as they do today.


Celebrating 25 years in the business, Figura has accumulated a wealth of experience and a deep knowledge of working with different materials. We take the utmost care in ensuring the durability and functionality of our furniture, working with a team of highly skilled craftspeople including cabinetmakers, lighting designers, engineers and architects who share the exceptionally high standards we set, combining their traditional skills and the latest technology to produce the finest furniture. 


Quality and craftsmanship

Using the traditional methods of designing by hand we engage in a more thoughtful, more organic and more dynamic process, enabling us to create visually uplifting and truly functional spaces. Quality of design, technical expertise and excellence in craftsmanship are our cornerstones. We hand select sustainably sourced timber to ensure its provenance, quality, grain and hue and work with an award-winning stone supplier who imports only the finest stone direct from quarries all over the world.

Understanding our market

The majority of our clients are based in the south east of England, near to our showroom in Surrey. The properties we work on are usually large family homes that we fondly refer to as ‘forever homes’. They are where our clients want to settle down, so they are looking for original yet timeless designs and high quality craftsmanship that will provide longevity, they want something very special and uniquely designed for their home – and that’s where Figura fits in.