10 good reasons why you should employ a qualified interior designer

10 good reasons why you should employ a qualified interior designer

A good interior designer can help you achieve the full potential of your property, helping you create your dream home full of beautiful, functional designs that maximize your living space and make your home a joy to live in.

1. Save money

It might sound strange, but hiring a good designer could save you money in the long run as they can help to avoid costly mistakes that will not only save you money but can increase the value of your home.

2. A trained eye

An interior designer offers a trained extra pair of eyes that will see things in the room that you may not, especially if you’re planning a major renovation where walls have to be moved and lighting fixtures need to be replaced. A qualified designer can give you a professional assessment, which will lead to a structured plan of action on how to transform the space most easily and efficiently, on time and within budget.

3. Spatial awareness

If your space is on the small side, or awkwardly configured, interior designers can help you make the most of your living space by providing practical solutions on how to maximize the rooms potential. They can use clever design tricks to make spaces seem larger or brighter and build multi-functional furniture that makes the room more practical to live in.

4. Bespoke designs

A professional interior designer has the ability to create bespoke pieces of furniture that are custom-designed to fit your home, the style of your property and your individual requirements, with unique features and details that are fit for purpose and solve design problems. 

5. Contacts and resources

Industry contacts are key to a successful project and a good quality interior designer will have an address book full of professional builders, plumbers and electricians they can rely on, as well as knowledge of the best manufacturers, suppliers and other interior design resources to achieve the planned end result.

6.  Communication

An interior designer will also be able to manage your project from start to finish building strong links between you, your architect and your builder, to ensure the end result is what you anticipate and save you time and money.

7. Unique ideas

Inspiration can come from many sources but it is up to an interior designer to solve your decorating dilemmas, using their knowledge and experience to create an environment that is unique to you and your home, ensuring it is both creative and individual. A good designer will push boundaries and try new looks but they will also ensure your home is organised and functions well.

8. Combining styles

One of the most difficult things to do when decorating a space is finding ways to make different styles work together. If you have items you have bought over the years that don’t match in terms of styles, an interior designer has lots of tricks up their sleeves to combine them in perfect harmony.

9. On trend

Trends change and fashions come and go, so a good interior designer will be up to date with all the latest industry ideas, textile patterns and paint shades, but they will not enforce these ideas on you if they are not suitable for you or your property. Good interior design should be built to last, reflect the character of the home and its owners, be practical and functional, while at the same time be visually stimulating and uplifting. It should embrace new ideas and technology while complementing traditional design techniques.

10. Create the ‘wow’ factor

A good designer should ultimately be able to help you create the ‘wow’ factor in your home. Trained to think spatially with a creative and artistic eye that has already envisioned the end result, they should be able to guarantee their designs will produce the exact effect you’re after.