The Perfect Hot Chocolate...

The Perfect Hot Chocolate...

Proper hot chocolate is one of life's great joys and ought to be in everyone's culinary repertoire. 

Figura Cook - Eat the Seasons - November

Figura Cook - Eat the Seasons - November

November is awash with hearty root vegetables that love a nip of frost.  It also turns out that 'National Fig Week' is the first week in we bring you a dessert recipe to celebrate!

Figura Cook - Eat the Seasons

Make the most of the abundance of seasonal produce for meat, fish, vegetables and fruit in October.

What's in fashion for September?

Trends may be of interest when it comes to London Fashion Week this month and choosing your wardrobe, but when you are looking for inspiring furniture for your home, longevity and thoughtful, beautiful design are what matter most.

Summer Saturdays

Summer is well and truly here so like you we will be out and about during August weeks for Summer holidays with our families and friends.

Our design and installation team will still be busy as we have plenty of projects going on over the summer but we will open on Saturdays from 22nd July until 9th September BY APPOINTMENT only.

Oh my....hello July!

July, named after Julius Caeser is on average the hottest month of the year.  There are plenty of things happening to take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days....and the summer holidays are just round the corner.

Hooray for May...

According to old superstitions, it is unlucky to marry, buy a broom or wash a blanket in May, so with all that free time, what could we be getting up to?

Beer, Bunnies and Bicycles

Lets forget the fools and the showers and focus on the all the great things April has to offer, starting with Easter bunnies, there is also beer, bicycles and Hot Cross Buns.

It's Spring!

It's Spring!

According to the weather experts spring can start at different times, depending on who you ask.  Let's go with the meteorologists and say....Yes!...Spring is finally here.

Fantastic Little February!

The Welsh call February "y mis bach" which means "little month". Despite having fewer days there is still plenty going on, whether flipping pancakes is your thing or a bit of romance.  

Here's a few things that have got us 'leaping' this February. 

Happy New January!

The beginning of the new year and the time to make your new year resolutions.

Let's see what there is for us to look forward to as we head into 2017.

We Love November!

According to data from Twitter, the Spanish are more likely to tweet “Te amo” (I love you) in November than in any other month, so we thought it would be fun to explore what there is to love about November...

October - Featuring Chelsea Market, Pumpkins and a Dressing Room Snug

The month of October signifies the onset of Autumn bringing with it the rich hue of colours, the cooler temperatures and darker evenings. Thinking about Autumnal colours and design, here are a few of the things that have inspired us this month, with a couple of events and exhibitions that are worth taking a look.

Hello September

September is known as the month for harvest festivals, the beginning of the school calendar and according the Romans it was represented by the God of fire.

For the forthcoming month we have searched out the latest, seasonal interior trends, craftsmanship, exhibitions and luxury, individual lifestyle to inspire you for the weeks ahead.

Focus on Scandinavian Design

With our Swedish heritage, a return to Sweden last week for a family holiday reignited our passion for the simplicity of Scandinavian design. When considering Swedish design, whether it be textiles, furniture, household objects or glassware – you’ll find the same practical, aesthetic, natural and increasingly sustainable approach to design. In Sweden, design is synonymous with ‘lifestyle’.

We had to choose hand-painted

Celebrating 25 years of inspirational design and beautiful craftsmanship, Figura rebranded earlier this year.   As part of the process we launched an exciting new logo and typeface. When it came to updating the signage on the exterior of our Chiddingfold Showroom, there was really only one choice….hand-painted.